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Newest Technology

Always up to date on the newest tech and the ability to implement it into your life.


We also offer Marketing services, to help YOU start your OWN Online Business!


With our 3D Printing Services, we can print and program ANYTHING, from Drones to RC Cars; from Figurines and Household items to Cases for Raspberry Pi Gaming Systems!


We will work with you to Provide you with the Best Quality 3D Printed Items For Cos-Play or Halloween Costumes

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Our WooCommerce Store makes for Easy Shopping for YOUR very OWN 3D Printer, Custom Orders, or Gaming Systems

Tech Support

With LowerTech readily available, all your Support needs are handled expeditiously and efficiently!


We are Available to answer your questions in a Timely Manner, via  our 1-800 Number, E-mail, and Social Media Accounts.

Custom 3D Prints

If Costumes and cosplay are not for you, we can print anything from instruments to every day tools!


Our easy to access Tutorial videos will guide you every step of the way!

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Our Mission

LGTGear's mission is to be successful in realizing our ambitions of inspiring creativity in our communities. To be the standard in programs dealing with the application of 3D printing technology and its possibilities in enhancing knowledge and quality of life of our customers. To better prepare the new generations for the high-tech challenges they will face, armed with our products. To be the ideal and most dependable business in the field of 3D printers and associated services. To be fruitful by working with our HIC values: Honor, Integrity, and Commitment to our employees and Customers.…

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