About us

What we are about and about our 3D printing services

A veteran owned and operated company in the midwest (Lake County, Illinois) servicing the greater chicago are, to include: grayslake, gurnee, schaumburg, waukegan, lake bluff, lake forest, evanston, lake villa, etc. As veterans, we bring forth the discipline from the military, integrity and commitment to our customers. We strive to bring our customers the finest, low cost and quality 3D Printed products. From our retro gaming systems, 3D Printed drones, 3D printed RC cars, to our 3D printed accessories and gaming accessories, we know you will be satisfied.

As technology enthusiasts ourselves, we were tired of the overpriced tech  with lack of features and support; we knew that if we wanted something done right, we had to do it ourselves. It was that passion for technology and craftsmanship that led us to create products that other people can relate to and enjoy as much as we do.

We are MAKERS.! We are LGT GEAR

plural noun: makers
  1. a person or thing that makes or produces something.
    “a cabinetmaker”
    synonyms: creatormanufacturer, constructor, builderproducer, fabricator, inventorarchitectdesigner

    “the makers of fine hardware”