Our Mission

LGTGear’s mission is to be successful in realizing our ambitions of inspiring creativity in our communities.

  • To be the standard in programs dealing with the application of 3D printing technology and its possibilities in enhancing knowledge and quality of life of our customers.
  • To better prepare the new generations for the high-tech challenges they will face, armed with our products.
  • To be the ideal and most dependable business in the field of 3D printers and associated services.
  • To be fruitful by working with our HIC values: Honor, Integrity, and Commitment to our employees and Customers.

LGTGear’s aim is to offer and support implementation of Cutting edge technology so that everyone may benefit and advance as one. 3D printing technology and its opportunities play a vital part in the next part of our technological advancement. In addition, LGTGear will offer educational tutorials for everyone to see. To do this LGTGear will develop original courses in accordance with the customer needs. Every tutorial aims at stimulating wisdom, developing ingenuity and problem-solving abilities.
LGTGear aims to be the frontrunner in the field of information and supply of the essential quality products in 3D printing, 3D services, and software.
As a result of our dedication to our customers and community while maintaining our philosophy and values, our products will be a perfect match for our mission. By being a trained, transparent and helpful company LGTGear strives to be a dependable company for their customers.